AMA # 157


In order for us to present an entertaining and SAFE show, we have a few hard and fast rules that we must operate by:         

1.             There must be no vehicular traffic of any kind in our presentation area during our performances.

2.             If the show is at an airport, the airport must be closed to all air traffic during the time of our performance.  If this is not possible, there must be a radio operator to alert the show team when to land and give right away to full-scale pilots.

3.             A 100-foot safety line/barrier must be provided to maintain a separation between the spectators and our flying area.

4.             A minimum of 400 by 50 feet of level low grass or asphalt area is needed for a runway.  There must be a minimum clearing of 400 feet on three sides of the runway opposite of the spectators.  

5.             The availability of on-sight facilities is needed to lighten our travel load if possible.  Electricity (generator, etc.), PA system, and quality CD player is needed for each event.  This can be supplied if not available.  Please let us know if you can provide the above equipment.

6.             The site must be at least 5 miles from any active or separately controlled airport or model-flying site.  There cannot be a 72MHz frequency band operating at the site.  An on sight inspection must be done if this is not known.

7.             Upon arrival, the team manager must inspect the site, run a special airplane flight test, run a frequency test, and discuss a layout for the show before a final commitment can be made.  In most cases, an on site inspection can be performed before the show date(s) to determine if the site is safe and flight worthy.  If a pre-inspection is not possible, a video tape of the area would be helpful.


Note:  Our prime concern is safety.  The show will be halted if an unsafe condition arises.  We will not be able to continue the show until the problem has been resolved. We normally do not have issues with RC flying sites or large open fields.  Good weather is necessary. We cannot perform if high winds/gusts (>25mph) or if bad weather persists.   “The Show Must Go On” is the attitude, but safety is the top priority.   We hope to hear from you soon!

 For more information or to book a show, please contact

Gary Oliver Manager

Phone: 507-387-3950

Email -


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